TOYER: Closing Night thanks


To everyone that watched/read about/talked about Toyer by Gardner McKay- thank you! What a ride. We are humbled and incredibly grateful!

Thanks The Courthouse Hotel North Melbourne for your hospitality.
Thanks Arun Munoz Photography for your photography.
Thanks Jaklene Vukasinovic for your assistance and attendance.
Thanks Jessica To for coming onboard as our producer.
Thanks James Cerche for your poster design.
Thanks Nathaniel Morse for your sound design.
Thanks Tony Bradshaw for your set construction.
Thanks Shane Connor for coming on board as guest director.
Thanks Reuben Stone for your lighting design.
Thank you to the incredible creative team, Sarah Hallam, Jessica Martin, Anthea Greco, Phoebe Taylor and the entire company.

And most importantly, thank you to our fearless actors Faran Martin and Kashmir Sinnamon. You are both inspiring beyond measure.